Imran Khan Breaks Silence On His Third Marriage – See How People Are Reacting To His Statements

After observing the media turning into a hot battleground for a few days, Imran Khan finally decided to speak about the issue himself. For those of you who don’t know, the news of Imran Khan’s third wedding with Bushra Manika, the woman he used to visit for spiritual guidance, has caused an immense outrage across mainstream media and social media platforms. After initially denying the news that was first floated by Umar Cheema, PTI accepted that Imran Khan has indeed proposed Bushra and she has asked for time to think about it.

However, the entire situation has been manipulated to pursue personal interested media channels and the facts have in fact been altered to use this personal affair to target his political image.
The things further caught heat when Geo News associated fake statements with Bushra’s ex-husband saying that Khan caused the divorce between the couple, but later he himself appeared in front of the media declaring these statements untrue.

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After witnessing all this silently for a few days, Imran Khan finally broke silence on it and address it in a series of tweets. Khan said that his personal affair has been treated as a matter of national threat that too by corrupt individuals. He further added that his image is being damaged through a planned media campaign by Nawaz Sharif. He said that he is aware of sordid details of their personal lives as well but will never stoop too low to mention them. He added that in the entire scenario about his kids and family of Bushra, who happen to be extremely conservative.

Here is what he said:

His followers showed him immense support and wished him all the best for his future life.
Here is what people had to say about the situation:

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