Imran Khan Gifted His Sons Book About Salahuddin Ayubi, Bulldozed ‘Yahoodi Lobby’ Propaganda Forever

Pakistan has a religiously volatile environment. Religion card is a very dangerous one in the country, that somehow always works if you use it to tarnish someone’s image in particular. Sadly Pakistani politicians often play it and religiously emotional naive people actually fall for it. The whole ‘Yahoodi Zaashish’ narrative is still sold and unfortunately, it has a huge market. We all have heard of the allegations often made against Imran Khan for being supported by the so-called ‘Yahoodi Lobby’ because of the fact that his Ex-wife Jemima Khan had a well on and influential Jew background.

Given this pretext and background, there was observed a very subtle happening recently by some people on social media when both sons of Imran Khan, Qasim and Suleman visited Pakistan and lived with their father for few days. Imran took a break from his otherwise hectic political and philanthropic routines to give his undivided attention to his sons.

While his sons were leaving, few pictures of them meeting their father went viral on social media. A most significant one that people paid a little deep attention to, was that one picture in which both Qasim and Suleman were sitting in the plane and in between them on the armrest could be seen a biographical book on the Iconic Islamic Warrior and Emperor the Great Salahuddin Ayubi, The Conqueror of Bait Al Muqadas, Jerusalem, The Holy Land that has long been a bone of contention between Jews and Muslims. This obviously had a meaningful significance it the above-mentioned pretext.


The book Saladin: The Life, The Legend And Islamic Empire is a biographical account of life and empire of this eminent Kurdish Muslim leader in Islamic history, written by a British historian John Man who is all praise of this Great Muslim warrior and leader for his diverse set of qualities and was popular even among his foes for his conduct. Saladin is considered a symbol and a poster boy for Islamic military resistance against Judeo-Christian west.

Image Source : Goodreads

Focusing that picture people couldn’t help but notice and were very fast in pointing out this irony it debugged. They opined through social media that while Imran Khan is alleged of being part of a Jewish conspiracy by his conservative opponents, his sons, on the contrary, are actually reading and getting inspired by a Muslim Warrior who was the key figure in defeating the Crusaders and conquered this very land that is a burning topic in the international arena these days as Muslims and Israeli Zionist Jews are locking their horns over status of Jerusalem (AlQuds) in UN.


On digging a little, sources close to Imran Khan have confirmed to that the book has been gifted to Qasim and Suleman by their father Imran Khan, who himself is very vocal in using Islamic historical references in his speeches. It confirmed the speculations on the social media that this book is Imran’s way of giving his sons a sound Islamic ideological food and inspiration.

Dichotomy of the irony is that some people call Imran Khan an extremist Mullah and dub him ‘Taliban Khan’ at the same time. Funny Isn’t it? Both sides of criticism actually demolish and nullify each other’s allegations. It also somehow denotes the left-right ideological balance he is maintaining in his politics.

It is really sad that in Pakistan, people out of ignorance and illiteracy are manipulated by some holier-than-thou kind of politicians who through such cheap, below the belt gimmicks and tactics, use religion as a tool to malign their political opponents to secure some political mileage. Hope people in Pakistan one day will get mature enough to thinks beyond such dirty politics of declaring others Kafirs, Yahoodies and what not.

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