Imran Khan orders PIA to bring back 320 Pakistani Prisoners from Malaysia Before Eid

Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered PIA to send special aircraft to Malaysia to bring back 320 Pakistani nationals who have completed their jail terms.


Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered the national carrier Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to bring home 320 Pakistani nationals from Malaysia via special aircraft. This gesture will not only be a breeze of fresh air to countrymen stranded there, but their families will finally be able to see their loved ones after years on this Eid ul Fitr.

These people are the ones who have completed their jail terms in Malaysia but are stuck due to cancellation of flights between the two countries.

A special plane of PIA will bring home Pakistani nationals lodged in Malaysian jails, but stuck due to cancellation of direct flights between the two countries – Radio Pakistan reported.

These Pakistani nationals were supposed to be in Pakistan in the last days of Ramazan and were looking forward to spending Eid with their family but were stuck as the flights between both countries were suspended last week due to the regional situation.

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Pakistani prisoners stuck in foreign jails have always shown reservations with how the Pakistani authorities treat them. They say that while representatives of other countries come to meet the prisoners, the Pakistani embassy has been insensitive towards them during past governments which is why many among them suffered only because they had to access to legal representation.

The incumbent government owns Pakistanis stuck in foreign jails


Contrary to what we have seen before, the incumbent government has been mindful of its duties towards foreign prisoners so far. It was one of the first issues Prime Minister Imran Khan raised in front of the Saudi crown prince.

They have made efforts to make them feel owned on this eid as well. The Consulate General of Pakistan, Dubai also gave cash help to 330 Pakistani prisoners detained in jails in Dubai and the Northern Emirates. According to a press release yesterday, the Eid gifts were provided to the detainees in line with the instructions of the Government of Pakistan. 

The support was provided in the form of cash, which they will be able to use in their day to day activities. Earlier, the Consulate also facilitated the release of prisoners and provided air tickets to 103 Pakistani prisoners for their repatriation to Pakistan.

These detainees include those who have been pardoned by the UAE rulers due to the Holy month of Ramadan and those who had completed their jail sentences. About 50 per cent of funds for air tickets was provided by the consulate from its own budget however the cost of the rest of the tickets was covered by the community members. Another batch of 49 prisoners from Ajman jail will be sent back to Pakistan shortly.

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