Twitter appreciates as Imran Khan proposes death penalty for child abuse

Online community appreciates as Prime Minister Imran Khan proposes death penalty for child abuse to protect the vulnerable children.

Almost every day of this Holy Month brought a bone-chilling tragedy with it. The rising number of cases of child abuse, molestation, sexual assault followed by murder has been a concern for the entire country. It drove us to a point where we desperately needed some soul searching to see where we stood as a society when we were being unable to even protect our children.

In an extremely welcomed and appreciable move, Prime Minister Imran Khan has suggested the death penalty for convicts of child abuse. The news was shared by Special Assistant to the prime minister on Information Firdous Ashiq Awan on Tuesday.

She said that concerned by the recent rise in cases of violence with children, PM Imran Khan has promised most strict punishment for the abusers and proposed that those involved in child abuse should be awarded death sentence.

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During a meeting with the Federal cabinet, premier showed worry over the prevailing situation. He also seemed unsettled by the consequences posed by rising in misuse of the internet for child pornography and a subsequent increase in incidents of child abuse.

Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan added that Prime Minister gave the ministry of human rights, interior and concerned ministries the task to examine, assess and analyze the existing juvenile laws regarding sexual violence, sexual exploitation, child abuse, rape of children, and other violent behaviours.

“All three ministries have been instructed to get together on this, prepare an implementation plan and bring it before the cabinet so that this growing menace can be curbed with an effective law and a mechanism of deterrence, as well as awareness, can be created” – she said.

People lauded the move and appreciated Prime Minister Imran Khan for expressing concerns over it and proposing the death penalty, as it is need of the hour.

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