Imran Khan Reacts To Trump’s Statement, Call It Humiliating

After Trump criticizes Pakistan for providing ‘safe heaven’ to terrorists and playing a double role by accepting US aid and helping terrorists out, opposition leader Imran Khan spoke on behalf of Pakistan.

He gave a sizzling befitting response and addressed all the aspects of Trump’s statement in his interview with Cable News Network (CNN).

Before formally speaking about the issue on television, Khan took to social media and responded in a series of tweets targeted at Washington:

He said in his tweets that we have paid a heavy price for this war, and still our role is being doubted.


Imran Khan also expressed his concerns saying that we need to take a firm stance and refuse to be ‘scapegoat for America’s policy failures.



Imran Khan, in his interview to CNN, showed strong emotions with his blunt statements.
He said that every Pakistani feels humiliated and ashamed. Khan also stated that it is nothing less than a disappointment that Pakistan’s significant efforts against terrorism specifically post after 9/11 are being overlooked.

Khan expressed that Pakistan has always been consistent and is fighting terrorism with dedication. This war has cost Pakistan more than 70,000 lost lives and loss to the economy, and despite all that, Trump’s statement is ‘painful’ and a ‘humiliation’ for every Pakistani.

Imran Khan has always been stern with his responses whenever Pakistan’s sovereignty and image came under question.

He also said that NATO and American troops together have failed to tackle a hand full of militants. To cover their failure, they are blaming Pakistan for harboring terrorists when Pakistan’s stance against terrorism is clear in front of the world. Khan said that everyone is in a state of dismay after Trump’s statement.

CNN correspondent Hala Gorani while interviewing Khan questioned him about US Ambassador to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad.

Khalilzad, a while back, in his statement, said that ‘roots of terrorism’ are in Quetta.

To this, Khan ironically responded saying that if Khalilzad was well aware of hideouts of the terrorists, why didn’t he tell the government.

On questioning about what according to him should be a way to tackle terrorism, Khan said to arrange a dialogue with them. He also said that America’s Afghanistan policy is a flop and needs to be revised. To come up with an improved strategy, Trump needs to reach out to his neighbors and mutually plan it.

Gorani also questioned Khan regarding his wish to become Prime Minister, to which came up with a compatible answer saying that he is a sportsman, and he is trained to be optimistic.

To know more,  watch Imran Khan’s complete exclusive interview with CNN here:


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