Imran Khan suspends police officials amid negligence in Farishta murder case

Imran Khan suspends the DSP for showing incompetence in Farishta case

Imran Khan suspends police officials amid zero action against the sexual assault of little child Farishta.


Pakistan’s supremo Imran Khan suspends the police officials who are accused of being negligent to pursue the investigations in Farishta murder and rape case. The abduction, assault and subsequent murder of 10-year-old girl Farishta have irked the nation. Imran Khan has suspended the District superintendent of police Abid and made the Superintendent of Police Umar SDO. A resource claims that the premier demands the detailed report in the matter from DIG Operations Waqar Uddin Sayyed and IG Islamabad Amir Zulfiqar.

These officials are accused of not taking timely action against the police staffers and the Station House Officer of Shahzad Town. A case has been registered against the SHO Shahzad Town for his cold attitude and criminal negligence in the child abuse case.

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Report of Interior ministry

An initial report by the interior ministry says that the father of Farista came to the police station on May 15 to report about the abduction of her daughter. The police, however, gave a cold shoulder to his request and registered the FIR with the delay of four days on May 19.

Interior ministry report also says that the family of a 10-year-old child was also humiliated in the police station. Later, the family was expelled out of the police station when they persistently forced the police to launch an FIR. These are the initial proceedings of the case put forth by the interior ministry of the country. The initial report of the case has been presented to Imran Khan.

The military offers to help in the case that caused an uproar among the population of 208 million. Special Assistant to Prime Minister Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan says that the premier took the notice of the case and ordered the suspension of the officials. She reiterates that the culprits will be treated with the iron hands and those who failed in the discharge of their duties will be made an example.


 What should be done?

The case has brought a wave of anger among the Pashtuns as well who say that the family was treated discriminately because of its belonging to Muhmand district – tribal region bordering Afghanistan. The case is an eye-opener for the government, says Firdous Ashiq Awan. The incidents of child assault and subsequent murder have now become a routine matter across the country. There is a dire need to desist the utmost immorality. The children are the future of Pakistan and revolutionary measures are required to save the future of this country.



What resolve do you recommend to give away the menace of child abuse from the country altogether? Leave your suggestions in the comment section. 


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