Imran Khan Takes A Big Step To Induce Religious Education In Schools

Imran Khan, right after coming in power in KPK, preached clearly that his priority is elevating the system of education in the province and creating a model for rest of the country.

The education sector, that already crumbling in Pakistan with little to no focus on improving the quality, needs an overall revamping.

KPK has taken a brilliant initiative, which not only will improve the quality of education and help the individuals reach their maximum potential, but also will help cater the issue of extremism that is being actively preached by religious madrassas in Pakistan.

Since the major problem in the madrassa culture is the mainstream education being taught there, Imran Khan, who is usually called a “Yahoudi Agent” by his opponents, ordered to distribute the Holy Book of Quran with Urdu translation in schools.

The governing party, on their Facebook page, announced that the Holy Book was distributed among the students from class one onwards.

This initiative is one of its kind, and undoubtedly an utmost need of the hour as well. When the entire country is blazing in the fire of extremism and intolerance that has taken deep roots in our society, this will not only help students to see a bigger, more tolerant picture of the religion but also religious education will move out of the orthodox madrassas, expanding its scope.

Islam, that has been used as a manipulative tool for religion, needs to regain its veracious picture and the youth has an indispensable part to play in it.

When the entire world has labeled the religion as a preacher of extremism, ingressing religious studies along with other technical subjects will help the young generation understand the religion one step ahead.

This initiative met immense public response, and people appreciated this effort.

We hope that this initiative meets its true goals, beating extremism and shows the compatibility between peace and religion.

What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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