Imran Khan’s 11-point Agenda: How Does It Appeal To A Common Man?

Imran Khan presented 11 point agenda of his party on jalsa at the iconic Minar e Pakistan in Lahore. In his detailed speech, he presented his views on the problems Pakistan is facing at the prevailing times that need urgent addressal.
Khan unveiled his 11 points as follows, saying that implementation will lead to a ‘one system of justice, reduce poverty and elevate the living standards of the poor’.

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Khan specifically stressed on education, saying that Pakistan’s current standing is rather concerning. Pakistan has the second most out of school children in the world, coming only second to Nigeria.
Addressing the public, Khan said:

“3.5 crore children study in government schools. Half of Punjab’s budget is being spent on Lahore. I ask Shahbaz Sharif who’s ruling Punjab for 10 years, how many international-level universities did he establish?” (Source: Geo News)

Here are the 11 points proposed by Imran Khan on behalf of his party, PTI:

Source: GEO

Khan said that countries don’t flourish when money is spent on roads, they flourish when governments invest in human development. He said that PTI’s main objective is ‘one education system for Pakistan’ – to ensure that no child is deprived of good education facilities and faces limitations when it comes acquiring opportunities. They will also work towards inducing modern education and training in madrassas.
A health insurance system inspired by ‘Sehat Sahulat Card’ in KPK will be implemented across Pakistan to cater the health needs of the poor. International standard hospitals will be built all over Pakistan.
PTI expressed their commitment to eradicating corruption at all levels. Khan said they will take significant measures to strengthen NAB, FIA and stop money laundering.
Revenue Generation:
Pakistan’s tax collection system will be ‘revolutionized’ by adopting reforms. PTI will work on strengthening institutions, especially FBR to ensure the uniform taxation system across the country.
As a result, tax collection will increase from 4000 Arab to 8000 Arab.
PTI will create a welcoming environment for the investments.  They will also work on reducing the tax on gas and electricity to provide relief to industry and investors.  PM House will look after the investors and overseas Pakistani’s will be engaged in the process. Further, 5 million homes will be built.
PTI will work on the capacity building to provide youth with better employment opportunities. Technical skills and modern learning techniques will be induced in the education system.
Their efforts will specifically be directed towards strengthening Pakistan’s tourism industry. The industry that once flourished has lost its charm and PTI shows determination in restoring that.

PTI will work on improving agriculture and focus on making lives of the farmers better on an ‘emergency basis’. To achieve the goals, PTI will adopt a strategy centred on three core objectives:

  • tackling sugar mill mafia
  • initiating modern farming
  • making research centres

Interprovincial harmony will be acquired by empowering the provinces and providing equal opportunities and right to representation to them. Local bodies system will be revolutionized. FATA and KPK will be merged. Further, significant efforts will be made to control pollution and control the health implications.
Law and Order:
To ensure the rule of law, depoliticization of the police department will be a priority. Civil Courts will be reformed and Dispute Resolution Councils will be established to maintain public law and order without any discrimination and ‘proactive policing’
Women Empowerment:
Women will be provided with equal opportunities and representation in all spheres to convert them into a more contributing factor of the society. Special focus will be invested in female education. Women police stations will be established. Women will be provided with their due right in the property.

Khan further said that today’s Pakistan has deviated from the path set by Quaid e Azam. He said we have to choose between dishonour and dignity.
“We are on crossroads today, on one end it’s disrespect and on the other, it’s dignity.” – He said.

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