Exclusive: Imran Khan Calls Siasat.Pk the Voice of Pakistani Nation

Some days before this interview, Siasat.Pk was struggling to get its Facebook page restored, which was taken down by the administration of Facebook without any prior notification or an explanation afterwards. In those times of peril, our supporters stood by our side and Imran Khan was one of them.

It was only made possible to restore our Facebook page by the overwhelming surge of pressure created by our supporters on and off the social media. We are cordially thankful to each one of our supporter for their unconditional and selfless support.

Just after our Facebook page was restored, Imran Khan also honored our team of Siasat.Pk for an Exclusive Interview. Nonetheless, he started the interview by appreciating the efforts of Siasat.Pk by calling it the “Voice of Pakistani Nation”.  We were really humbled by such remarks of Khan Sahib about us.

During his conversation, he connoted that freedom of speech is a fundamental right of every human being, provided that it is compliant to the code of ethics of public speech.  He further endorsed that Siasat.Pk had always been wary of their responsibility. Khan Sahib appreciated Siasat.Pk and we also appreciate his kind words and support to the cause of freedom of speech.

Dawn Leaks Fiasco

Speaking about the Dawn Leaks, he says it is not only between the sitting Government and the Institution of Pakistan Army. In the context of its relevance to the public interest, it is rather a matter of National Security. With his meaningful and insightful arguments, he says that the delay in the investigation of this issue raises some serious concerns among the public of Pakistan.

He opines that the stance of the present government stands contrary to the greater public interests of Pakistan. “It maligns the reputation of our State Institutions of Defence”, he adds. He further remarks that the morale of our Defence Forces is deteriorating due to this issue. This underpins a threat to the overall security situation of Pakistan, because it negatively impacts the performance of our Forces.

Khan Sahib concludes that without a proper support from the people, our Armed Forces cannot perform well. Hence, any misdemeanor, which tarnishes the image of our forces, is in effect an act of high treason.

Imran Khan terms Panama Case As A “Defining Moment”

Imran Khan expresses confidence in the Judiciary of Pakistan. He appears appreciative of the efforts of Supreme Court in taking up the Panama case. Nevertheless, he termed the procession of Panama Case as a “Defining Moment” in the history of Pakistani Nation. He explains that it is the first time in the history of Pakistan that the ruling elite are a subject to accountability.

In fact, despite the outcome of the case, this event has created a milestone for the future governments as well. This event is an embodiment of the idea that ‘No one is above the law’. The Pakistani Nation has set a precedent for its generations to come, in the form of this case.

As a by product, of this case, he envisions that process of accountability will cascade down the ladder as well. Therefore, this case will embark Pakistan on the right course, where law treats the rich and poor equally. This case happens to be the trend setter in context of rule of law in the country.

Achievements in KPK

Siasat.Pk, realizing its responsibilities, posed some questions to Imran Khan regarding the performance of PTI’s coalition Government in KPK. Expressing our concerns over the Ehtisab Cell, our other questions range on the overall progress indicators, including health, education and infrastructure as well. Khan Sahib responded to each of the questions in a very competent and comprehensive manner. He declares transparency, accountability and law enforcement as the cornerstone of his policies. He places human development above all, emphasizing on the areas of health, education and law enforcement being the foremost.

Please watch and enjoy the interview.



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