Imran Khan’s favorite Governor House Nathiagali to be converted to a tourist destination

Did you know that ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan can still use his favourite tourist spot — the Governor House Nathiagali for vacations? The guest house has been handed over to the KP Tourism Department under Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa after the resignation of PTI’s governor Shah Farman.

Governor House Nathiagali converted to Tourism Spot

To make hassle-free arrangements for Imran Khan’s stay at his favourite place in future, the provincial government has handed over the Governor’s House to the Tourism Department.

Sources claim that the sole reason for retaining the rest house in the custody of the governor was because Imran Khan used to stay there. Now when the PTI leader has quit the office of governor, someone else from any other party could hold this office meaning that Imran Khan would not be able to stay there officially as he did in the past.

A technical committee constituted by the provincial cabinet decided on the 27th of April 2021 that the Governor House should also be handed over to the Tourism Department to proceed with its outsourcing. Interestingly, the decision of the technical committee could not be materialised for a year. But as soon as the PTI governor resigned, the provincial government issued a notification for the transfer of the Governor’s House to the Tourism Department.


What did the notification entail?

The April 27th notification issued by the KP Tourism Department reads:

I am directed to refer to the subject noted above and to state that Chief Minister, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa while chairing a meeting on tourism held on 06.09 2020, directed that Tourism Department may assess the properties of the Administration Department (5 x Rest Houses In Nathiagali) and devise a workable way forward of their outsourcing including preservation/restoration of archaeological heritage value. These rest houses include Governor House, Chief Minister House, Hamala (Speaker) House, Police (IG) House, and Karnak House Nathiagali.

The notification further stated:

The matter was, subsequently, placed before the provincial cabinet, and it was inter alia decided that five Galiyat rest houses shall be transferred to the KP Tourism Department on 10.11.2020. These rest houses were subsequently transferred to Tourism Department vide Notification dated 19.11.2020. The provincial government has notified a technical committee under the chair of the minister of finance for the outsourcing of government rest houses to private firms vide Notification dated 03.03.2020. The Technical Committee in its 117th meeting held on 27-04-2021 decided that Governor’s House Nathiagali may directly be outsourced to a successful bidder, but it must have an explicit condition that the successful bidder shall have to rehabilitate and restore & maintain the architectural and heritage value of the building through a relevant and competent firm based on requirements calculated by a survey team to be notified by the Tourism Department. Moreover, no additional construction be allowed in the Governor House, Nathiagali.

The notification concluded:

It is apt to mention that neither the possession of the Governor House, Nathiagali has been handed over nor the title of the land of the said property has been transferred in the name of the Tourism Department, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in light of provincial cabinet decision dated 10.11.2020. Foregoing in view, it is requested that the Governor House, Nathiagali, may be handed over to Tourism Department, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for outsourcing/leasing of the property as per the prime minister’s directives and provincial government decision.

Previous Similar Decisions

The provincial cabinet had decided to hand over five rest houses including Governor House, Chief Minister House, Speaker House, Police (IGP) House, and Karnak House to the Tourism Department for outsourcing purposes in 2020. The provincial government transferred four rest houses to the Tourism Department but Governor’s House was still in the use of Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa till the PTI’s senior leader Shah Farman was in office.

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