Imran Khan’s OIC speech irks Jewish scholars

Jewish scholars are in hot waters amid Imran Khan’s speech at the forum of OIC. They consider Khan’s speech as a threat.

Jewish scholars have ringed the alarms of threat at Imran Khan’s OIC speech. Jewish scholars and experts have argued that America and Israel have shown their deliberate concerns over it. Is Imran Khan going to make a Muslim bloc? It might not be possible and it can have serious repercussions as well.

Professor R.Raolin views that it is for the very first time that someone’s speech at OIC has been taken with seriousness. American school of thought views leadership in Pakistan somewhat differently. According to them, Pakistan can pose serious threats to America and Israel if it gets out of the economic riddle.

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Famous American scholar Joshua Liberman looks the proclamation of OIC as the creation of Imran Khan’s mind. The new leader in South Asia has divine capabilities. There has been a debate on the new leadership of Pakistan during an event at Colombia University. The majority of the opinion makers advocated the thought that America might face challenges in dealing with the new leadership of Pakistan as compared to the governments of the past.

A Kashmiri youth has been killed by Indian troops.

Ishaq Yahoo viewed that Palestine and Kashmir are, undoubtedly, two crucial problems confronting to the world. He also thinks that the dream of a peaceful world cannot be materialized without resolving these two issues. Rabi Ibrahim of Chicago (a city in the US) says that the Israeli government is inflicting harm on the people of Palestine. Although we are Jewish, we can’t tolerance the blood bath of humanity.

“Imran Khan’s speech would be the cause of concern for India, America, and Israel because all three countries never want any true leader to frustrate their narrative”, says Professor Ajay Kumar Sharma. Pakistan is fortunate enough to get a brave and educated leader who can see eye to eye with the West.

Israel – Palestine conflict

Israel-Palestine conflict is an ongoing rift with its origin dates back to Jewish immigration and subsequent occupation of West Bank and Gaza Strip. The dispute was further escalated with the announcement of Donald Trump to shift the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on December 6, 2017. World bodies like the United Nations and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation have so far remained unable to solve the issue of Palestine. The land conflict must reach a solution on humanitarian grounds as people are more important than land.

Kashmir issue

Kashmiris are facing the atrocities at the hands of Indian troops ever since the controversial instrument of accession signed by Maharaja Hari Singh. The people of Kashmir must be given their right of self-determination as the fire in a corner can burn down the whole building otherwise.

Imran Khan’s OIC speech

The main agenda of Imran Khan’s speech was to do away with Islamophobia, resolution of the Kashmir issue and Golan Heights. Imran Khan reprimanded the poor response of OIC against blasphemy. PM has been in Saudi Arabia to attend the 14th OIC summit and also performed Umrah(an Islamic religious obligation).

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