Imran Khan’s Pride: “Ehsaas Programme has set itself apart as a world-leading anti-poverty effort,” reads Stanford University Paper

Ehsaas Programme is a social safety and poverty alleviation programme launched by the PTI-led government in March 2019.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan gets to enjoy another feather in his cap as his Ehsaas Programme becomes the nation’s pride. Recently, Dr Shahbaz Gill, a prominent PTI official, took to Twitter to share great news about the Ehsaas programme. He tweeted:

The world-famous Stanford University has recognized PTI’s Ehsaas Program as Pakistan’s best social protection program to date in a research paper. According to the research paper, the Ehsaas Program has been successful in significantly alleviating the lifestyle of poverty-stricken households in Pakistan.

About the Paper

The Stanford University paper is titled: Frameworks for a Developmental Welfare State: Lessons From Pakistan’s Ehsaas Programme. Speaking about the Ehsaas Programme, the paper reads:

Ehsaas Programme has set itself apart as a world-leading anti-poverty effort to uplift the country’s most vulnerable. This paper is a review of the Ehsaas Programme, implemented by the Government of Pakistan from 2018 onwards. Ehsaas, in its goal of becoming a holistic and integrated response to poverty, provides a diverse set of services for vulnerable Pakistanis, including unconditional cash transfers, targeted subsidies, and increased health and nutritional coverage.

It further states:

We study the various policy, programmatic, and implementation reforms that were undertaken during this period and explore the lessons these reforms offer for global policymakers. In particular, we point to the importance of good leadership, building strong institutions, effectively using data and technology, and using an integrated, inclusive approach to anti-poverty. Our findings indicate that these reforms have enabled Ehsaas to successfully scale impact, increase transparency, and improve the efficiency of its interventions, whilst building trust amongst beneficiaries and programme administrators.

Here’s how people are reacting to the paper’s appreciation of the Ehsaas Programme:

About the Ehsaas Programme

Ehsaas Programme is a social safety and poverty alleviation programme launched by the Government of Pakistan in March 2019. Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan called it a key initiative toward a welfare state that PTI promised to the people of Pakistan in its elections manifesto.

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  • I agree ehsas program of pti was the best ever poverty alleviation program. As it was launched after removing a million fake enteries

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