Imran Khan’s Third Marriage And The Role Of Geo News – An Unfortunate Example Of Yellow Journalism In Pakistan

Yellow journalism seems to be a curse that Pakistan simply can’t get rid off. Times and times, Pakistani media channels have surprised us by hitting new lows. Our media has already disconnected itself from ethics and morality, which is why they don’t seem to bother much about personal life and the concept of privacy. Unfortunately, the pattern that we frequently observe, of being intrusive of privacy for the sake of creating the ‘headlines’, has further plunged as even the established news channels don’t seem to care much about the legitimacy of a news or verification prior presenting it.

Completely neglecting the impact and magnitude of the audience they are speaking to, the policies of the media groups are designed to pursue personal interest rather than national.
Media in Pakistan, the sole most powerful entity of the state, has clearly deviated from its path as the focus has shifted from conveying impartial and verified pieces of news to people to character assassination based on speculations.

Umar Cheema and Jang group have presented a clear reflection of where these ‘credible’ media channels stand with their take on Imran Khan’s third wedding.
Where on one hand, the news was made viral without the consent of the individuals involved and presented like a ‘controversial’ issue when it’s anyone’s personal and religious right to solemnize a marriage as per their choice, Geo News went on blaming Imran Khan for causing his alleged wife Bushra’s first divorce.

As can be seen, the news channel associated completely fabricated statements with Bushra’s first husband Khawar Fareed Manika and portrayed that Imran Khan was involved caused the divorce between the couple. The fake statements were later supported by Umar Cheema as well, declaring them synonymous to intruding in someone’s personal life.
However, it was later clarified by Khawar Fareed himself that the statements are fake and are not his words. He further added that his ex-wife is a pious woman and Imran Khan had nothing to do with their personal affairs.

After Khawar Manika refuting all the fake propaganda, Umar Cheema deleted his tweet, without giving any justification for supporting and conveying unverified news, once again.

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The news has also garnered a massive public response and people have fervently condemned this abuse of power and unethical use of the platform to intentionally harm an individual image for political and personal gain.

The entire situation is an unfortunate example of the length the media houses can go to for pursuing their personal interests. Undoubtedly, they are contributing to misleading the masses and perhaps distracting them from more important prevailing issues by these tactics.

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