Imran Khan’s Third Marriage – Rumors, Speculations And Reactions

Surely by now, everyone knows – 2018 has already given probably the biggest shocker of the year in its initial days. Social media has been nothing less than a hot battleground as the speculations about Imran Khan’s third marriage surfaced. The story was first initiated by Journalist Umar Cheema, who previously was also called ‘a very cheap journalist who came from gutter’ by Imran Khan because of blaming him for a pregnancy scandal that later was proved to be fake.

According to The News report that formed the rumors, Khan has entered into a marriage secretively with a woman named Bushra whom he used to turn to for spiritual guidance. The nikkah ceremony took place on 1st January in Lahore. Ever since the news broke, the debate has gotten quite heated up. As per credible PTI sources, the news is nothing but a planted and planned speculation.

Khan’s political secretary Awn Chaudhary completely denounced the news and also informed that he himself had denied the news to Cheema. He further said equated it with ‘yellow journalism’ and called it planted gossip and a concocted story.

Shireen Mazari also expressed her views saying that it’s Khan’s personal matter to whom and when he decides to marry. She was very vocal about her views and said that when the detractors couldn’t damage Khan’s repute by untrue corruption blames, they have started making up lies about his personal life.

Fawad Chaudhary expressed his views saying that The News has taken up the role of breaking the unverified and fake news. He also added that Umar Cheema has been previously fined for fake news already, that reflects his credibility.

Apart from PTI’s prominent leaders, Bilawal Zardari has also shown a neutral response to the news. On asked about Khan’s third marriage, he said that it’s his personal matter. He further added that if there’s no truth to the news, it is unfair for media to speculate false news.

People have also reacted actively to the news. Here is a glimpse of how people are reacting to it:

Bushra Bibi’s first husband, whom she parted ways with for spiritual reasons, has also refuted the news and said that there is no truth to it.  Her son Mohammad Moosa Manika also denied the news while talking to Geo News, saying that he has spoken to his mother about it and she has also denied solemnizing marriage with Khan. He further added that his mother was not present at any gathering in Sector Y, Lahore.

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