[WATCH] The first interview of PM Imran Khan’s viral doppelganger

It turns out that this wasn't the first time he caught the spotlight.

Here are all the details about Imran Khan’s doppelganger.

A man was spotted in Sialkot a few days ago, who looked strikingly similar to Prime Minister Imran Khan. The look-alike was aboard a rickshaw and looked like a younger version of the Prime Minister.

Now we finally know who the doppelganger is! The Imran Khan doppelganger is Shah Hussain, a fellow Pakhtun. Indeed, a similar ethnic background must be the reason the two men look so alike.

Young Shah Hussain is the father of three children and hails from Kalam, Swat. Currently, residing in Sialkot, Hussain is a small dried fruits vendor. Every summer, he heads back to Kalam for leatherwork.

It turns out that this wasn’t the first time he caught the spotlight. In an interview, Hussain shared that he’s no stranger to being mistaken for being the Prime Minister Imran Khan. He said:

I feel delighted when people come to me to take pictures with me and also become my customer.

Imran Khan’s doppelganger would love to meet the Prime Minister.

Hussain further shared:

In summers, I do the leatherwork and go to Swat, where people support me and really like me. Whereas in winters, I sell dried fruits here, in Sialkot.

During the interview, Shah Hussain expressed his desire to meet Imran Khan and said:

I want to meet the PM face-to-face and talk to him in person at least once.

It should be noted that Shah Hussain is not Imran Khan’s first doppelganger. Before him, a video of a man driving a Mehran went viral in 2018. The resemblance between this man and the Prime Minister was uncanny too.

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