Imran-Putin chemistry flourished while Modi ignored at 19th SCO summit

  • Imran Khan is in Bishkek to attend the 19th SCO summit.
  • Kyrgyz President extended the invitation to Khan to attend the summit.
  • Imran Khan and Narendra Modi entered the dining hall together but PM completely ignored his Indian counterpart.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is in Kyrgyzstan to attend the 19th Shanghai Cooperation Summit. He left for Kyrgyzstan on Thursday to attend the annual meeting of the heads of the state. Yesterday President of Kyrgyzstan hosted a dinner in the honor of participating leaders in Bishkek.

Both the PM of Pakistan and Narendra Modi entered the dining hall together and Imran Khan was seen snubbing his Indian counterpart as PM walked on the front. Both the leaders despite entering the hall together did not sit together and Imran Khan seated at the other corner of the hall.

PM meeting with Vladimir Putin

19th SCO_Summit
PM Imran Khan meeting Vladimir Putin at the 19th SCO summit.

Imran Khan during his interview with Sputnik has said that he is looking forward to talking with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the SCO summit. This would be the first ever bilateral meeting with the Russian President, however, Imran Khan met him first at another international forum.

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“I think this will be just an informal meeting on the sides of the SCO conference. I already met him during my visit to China.”, PM said during his interview with the Russian Channel. The President of Kyrgyzstan Jeenbakov had extended an invitation to Imran Khan to attend the two days long summit, Radio Pakistan reported.

PM Imran Khan at Photosession standing with Russian President during the 19th summit of SCO

Imran Khan cordially met Kyrgyz President

PM had an informal meeting with the Kyrgyz President and congratulated him for hosting the summit. The Kyrgyz counterpart also praised Pakistan’s role in the SCO. During the meetings, both have agreed to increase the land and air connectivity between the two countries. Imran Khan also invited him to visit Pakistan. The Kyrgyz President also warmly welcomed the PM on his arrival to the summit.

India Pakistan standoff and SCO summit

India recently said that their newly elected premier would not be meeting Imran Khan during the SCO summit. The spokesperson for the Indian foreign ministry has said that no bilateral meeting of Narendra Modi with Imran Khan is being planned.  While Imran Khan has called SCO an opportunity to talk to India. Both the countries became the permanent members of SCO back in 2017.

Earlier, both were attending SCO summits with the status of observer states. Imran Khan has expressed that it is my belief that money must be spent on people to get them out of poverty like China got millions and millions of people out of poverty. Khan has further said that when you have tensions with the neighbors, it distracts from resources that could possibly be spent on humans.

What do you suggest for India’s unwillingness to extend bilateral cooperation to improve the regional connectivity and solution of the Kashmir issue?


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