Imran Riaz Khan reveals his earnings, establishment role in regime change & more [Video]

Imran Riaz Khan

Renowned anchorperson Imran Riaz Khan made some revelations about himself including his income in a recent interview with a YouTube channel.

The anchorperson also talked about the reasons for being fired from Samaa, establishment’s role in regime change and much more. Talking about joining the private TV channel, he said that Aleem Khan had told him that he will not be stopped from whatever he says.

However, later he expected him to talk like the other anchors, which he refused and it led to losing his job at Samaa.

Responding to a question about his lavish house, Imran Riaz Khan said that he earns enough to make a house like this every two months. He revealed that he earns more than 1 crore per month.

The renowned anchorperson stated that everything he owns has been declared. Imran claimed that Hamza Shehbaz had asked for his house’s map to check if it has been built illegally. However, he didn’t find anything wrong with it.

Imran Riaz Khan also made big claims about the regime change in the country. “I know there has been a regime change operation against Imran Khan,” he said.

He accused the Pakistani institutions of spending money to oust Imran Khan, besides opening courts at midnight. Furthermore, Khan took the credit for breaking many corruption stories against the PTI government.

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  • 1 crore per month. I told ya.
    these youtubers are making billions with he say she say stuff

    • on average he gets 3million views per day. That is about 3 crore per month just from youtube.

  • He is earning in dollars, bringing foreign exchange to the country. We must appriciate as he deserves his halal earnings. Looking at his success many other anchor persons are slowly starting to make a balanced reporting or supporting Imran Khan.

  • The legend that is Imran Riaz Khan. May Allah bless you for your patriotism

  • 1000 views on youtube is like 40 cents minimum so 60,000USD is for 150 million views per month that is 5 million view per day these days he is getting this much views , apart from this he is earning from Facebook and instagram as well

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