In a first, students from Karak university build IoT-based air pollution detection device

Two students from Karak’s Khushal Khan Khattak University have developed and successfully installed IoT-based (Internet of Things) air pollution detection gadget. The locally-made gadget, named Air QuaM, can monitor the ratio of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and ammonia in Peshawar’s air.

Sajid Islam and Safdar Fahim, students from the said prestigious institute, despite the area being deprived of facilities, built the device and installed it at the district secretariat in Peshawar on 5th April.

Dr Muhmmad Zubair, assistant professor at the Department of Computer Science and Bio-Informatics at the university, supervised the project and claimed that it is the first if its nature in Pakistan.

Kamran Bangash, the special assistant to the chief minister on science and technology, shared the news on Twitter as well.

“A novelty step towards a better healthier Peshawar” – Bangash wrote while appreciating the effort.

Speaking to a local news source, students behind the creation of the device said that they started this project themselves, by hunting the parts needed for it in small shops. After that, they were provided support by their university and the KP Directorate of Science and Technology.

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The supervisor Dr. Zubair said that they wanted to use locally-assembled sensors in the machine so that help from foreign countries was not required at all.

“We are shaping the machine according to international standards so that it can detect allergies caused by animal and plants along with giving the percentage of nitrogen dioxide, ozone and sulphur dioxide in the air” – he told, speaking to a local news source. 

Dr Zubair told that the machine operates on seven parameters to measure the percentage of moisture, carbon monoxide, ammonia, carbon dioxide, and temperature in the air.

”According to a document shared by the students, Air QuaM is an IoT-based cloud-synced machine. It integrates GSM, GPRS and other sensing components. It senses air quality and weather conditions and then sends the collected information to servers for analysis. Air QuaM has a range of two to three square kilometres. As per the document, Air QuaM is an “energy efficient gadget” – the said source wrote. 

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