In A Heartbreaking Incident, Engineering Student From Faisalabad Committed Suicide Due To Grudge With Teacher


Days, after a girl lost her life due to the negligence of hostel management In Rawalpindi and her death was masked by the college as suicide, another heart-wrenching incident occurred in Faisalabad where a disappointed student shot himself dead.

A student from IEFR (Institute of Engineering and Fertilizer Research) named Saifullah, killed himself due to discrimination by the teacher. Saif was repeatedly given an F in a subject who held personal grudges against him. He had been expelled from the university due to this issue.

Disheartened by it, Saif shot himself around 7 pm yesterday. He also wrote a suicide note and urged everyone to let him go peacefully and not investigate his death. He said that he wasn’t forced by anyone or experiencing any depression, but he himself chose this way of leaving the world.

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Saif also requested to show his body respect and not put him through tests and investigation. He requested the doctors to not save him because if he fails to successfully end his life in this attempt, he will make another. He also asked his parents to forgive him for hurting them so much.

Not only has his suicide revealed a horrible face of our educational institutions, one of the teachers at IEFR also shared harrowing details about what happened after Saif died.
Upon noticing his blood-drenched body, the teacher Rizwan Shah called 1122 but they refused to help him and asked him to call at 15. Even after making calls thrice at 15, no one responded to him. He also attached the details of his calls history on Facebook. Here is what he had to say about the horrible incident:

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