In A Pleasant Surprise, Pakistan Railways Addressed The Concerns Of The Passenger Via Email

Pakistan Railways has formed an impression for being extremely sluggish and inefficient, hence a passenger can’t expect more than ‘unexplained’ delays and finding a way to form a consensus with them.

But this passenger got an amazing surprise! Fahad Ali from Karachi, who worked at a Cyber Security Firm was travelling with his family via train on 17th October 2018.  During the journey, the train broke down multiple times and reached the destination 6.5 hours late than the expected time – horrifying, to say the least.

Causing a lot of annoyance and inconvenience to the passengers, and Fahad was outraged for what he, his 70-year-old father and sister with a one and a half-year-old baby had to put through.

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Feeling helpless, Fahad tried his luck and wrote his complaint to railways official email and said his ordeal. But, this time, things went different and he actually heard back from the ministry – though it was 3 weeks late, but he actually did.

In a detailed email, Ministry of Railways outlined the instances where train stooped and concluded saying it wasn’t intentional but instead due to unavoidable circumstances. The email concluded with an apology for the experience and commitment to improving the quality further in future.

Email is the most efficient and effective mode of communication for people to voice their opinions and get their concerns heard. But the inefficiency has dropped the expectations to an extent that even getting a reply from railways, actually addressing and apologizing for the inconvenience actually feels like a treat. Though minor and minimal, the development is actually commendable and gives the passengers some satisfaction that their grievances will be heard and thought about.

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