In an innovative step ahead, Pakistani startup introduces ‘smart wickets’ that can detect no balls

A technology startup from Pakistan, Noerric, is bringing innovation to the most popular sports in the neighbouring countries. Noerric features its “smart-wicket” system through a blend of artificial intelligence and deep learning (powered by IBM WATSON). These special wickets can not only identify foot no-ball but also other factors like a run-out or a stump-out. The fascinating part is that this state-of-the-art technology has a myriad of applications such as in American soccer, hockey and football.

Noerric is basically a company providing innovative solutions and new technologies to make cricket a better game overall, particularly for its audience. It is aimed at reducing errors in the game. Their device can detect no-ball, stumped wicket and run outs with minimum alterations on the field.

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It is meant to cater to the issue of no-balls and increasing efficiency of the game. It can be reflected by the fact that about 26% of the no-ball decisions that are challenged by the opposing team get reversed every year. The mistakes in decisions occur due to three prime reasons: lapses in umpire’s judgment, complex body postures, and the fast-paced nature of the game which rarely offers thinking space to the umpires.

This is where the Wicktron will play its part. The ‘smart wicket’ is part of the  “e-umpiring net” that the company envisions to establish. It will use artificial intelligence to address umpiring problems. The device makes use of the 3D cameras and blinking LEDs. It is meant to bring accuracy to the game. By the use of this system, umpires can be timely alerted through a wirelessly connected smartwatch.

With the smart stump device, there is also an integrated smart-watch in the system. The device, for now, can only detect no balls but will soon be providing aid in other spheres as well.

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