In another case of barbarianism, teacher tortures 10th grader to death

Yet another case of aggression, low tolerance and brutality meets our eye.


While the world takes a step forward towards a more considerate and effective mode of communication and education, corporal punishment is still rampant in Pakistan. The brutal punishment has claimed yet another young life in the gated city.

A 17 years old student lost his life after being subjected to the worst physical torture in a private school in Gulshan Ravi, Lahore, this Thursday. The incident happened in American Lycetuff School. According to the family of the deceased Hunain, the teacher, Kamran, has subjected him to torture during a computer class.

The administration did not shift the victim to the hospital even after the incident. He was shifted to the morgue directly. A post-mortem is yet to be conducted, which will further reveal the details about his death. Speaking to the media, his friend that he was mercilessly teacher. Hunain kept saying that he cannot breathe but the teacher did not let go off him.

The friends’ of the deceased said that the teacher has a history of treating students like this. Numerous complaints were received and the private school’s administration decided to transfer him to another branch, however, he was recently brought back.

In the video, a father of another fellow student of Hunain can be seen narrating how his son was beaten by the same teacher but he did not tolerate and took proper action against him. He can be seen desperately urging the students to take action if they see anyone doing wrong, even if it’s their teacher. The inertness of the authorities have cost a young life, no one knows what the parents must be going through, he added.


Following his horrific death, the social media community have condemned the barbaric act and asked for an inquiry as well as demanding an end to inhumane corporal punishment.

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  • Don’t make assumptions by listening only story of few kids. Listen to the teachers as well.

    It looks unreal, it’s not true.

    We have seen students dieing in schools because of some sudden cause or some disease which is triggered by simple event like hot environment.

    So we should listen the other side also and don’t jump to conclusion.

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