‘In case of war, don’t engage in offensive actions and go to Punjab to protect its people’ – Sikh community rejects war narrative

Bharti Janta Party (BJP)’s election campaign drove two nations at the brink of war and initiated a wave of hate, that pushed the peace process back to square one again. However, some still remained preachers of peace and love during this challenging time.

Same restraint was shown by the Sikh community, who completely rejected the hateful war narrative and appreciated Imran Khan for his attempts for peace. The international forum for Sikhs, WSP (World Sikh Parliament) has blamed BJP’s extremist faction Hindutva for the renewed wave of extremism. Appreciating PM Imran Khan’s stance and advocacy of peace, WSP asked the Sikh soldiers in the Indian army to refuse to engage in offensive activities if war is imposed on them, and rather go to Punjab and protect its people.

”We call on Sikh soldiers serving in Indian forces, in case of war, to refuse to engage in offensive actions and instead to go to Punjab to protect its people in the face of an existential threat to the Sikh nation and other Punjabis” – WSP urged. 

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”The forcible denial of that right has led directly to hundreds of thousands of deaths in both regions over recent decades; it is time the international community woke up to the need to address the unlawful and morally indefensible position of the Indian state. Let us be clear; there will be no peace in the region until that happens” – WSP said. 
The advocacy forum says Sikhs stand with the people of Kashmir and their legitimate demand to self-determination.
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