In Case You Wonder Why The ‘AI’ Of Search Engines Filters Anti Indian Content Out of Their Algorithms

Many international companies are being headed by Indian-origin CEOs.

Many tech giants, including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, have been involved in manipulating and filtering the anti-Indian content as many companies are being headed by Indian CEOs.

Recently, Facebook was under fire for how it enforces its hate speech policies when the accused are members of Modi’s ruling party.

In October this year, a controversy broke out after The Wall Street Journal reported that the Former Policy Chief of Facebook India, Ankhi Das, had opposed the removal of hate speeches. However, they breached the company’s standards.

Last week, a report was published by EU DisinfoLab, which uncovered a massive operation targeting international institutions such as the EU and UN, serving Indian interests for the past 15 years.

The report also revealed a network active in Brussels and Geneva in producing and amplifying content to undermine Pakistan.

Following this, a Pakistani Lawyer and Columnist, Muneeb Qadir, shared a post on his Facebook where he reveals that how Search engines are filtering the anti Indian content.

Qadir posted that the Famous Pakistani Journalist and Press Critic Rizwan Razi, who has a YouTube channel named ‘Razi Nama,’ claimed that India is deliberately keeping its videos from search engines’ visibility.

The Journalist recently posted a video on his YouTube channel. He said that his videos on the Pro-India Propaganda Machine Srivastava Group’s ‘Indian Chronicles’ scandal exposed by EU DisinfoLab, have deliberately been kept away from appearing in public’s social media newsfeeds.

Razi added, “When I had first posted about the ANI fake news scandal, Facebook blocked my account. I tried several times, and it still said that I couldn’t post. I was only able to share content when I changed my internet connection.”

“Similarly, I shared a video on the Indian lobby disinformation campaign from some other page, and strangely the original post was removed.”

Rizwan Razi concluded, “Does the Indian establishment own every single social media platform, or am I exaggerating it?”

Looks like the ‘AI’ working behind the algorithms of these tech giants are not that artificial after all.

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