In Pictures: Did you know these Pakistani celebrities were of the same age? *Shocking*

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure; age isn't just a number.

Celebrities often hide their actual age to maintain their glitz and glam in the industry for a long time. While age is just a number, if it’s out there, these showbiz actors and actresses might stop getting hired for their dream role.

However, sometimes the age factor unveils itself and shocks almost everyone in the audience. That’s because many Pakistani stars look much younger when they are actually in their sixties – the stars don’t align or the numbers?

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure; age isn’t just a number. Therefore, it’s interesting to find out what generation our favorite celebrities belong to. However, it’s more interesting to discover which celebrities are the exact same age!

Here are 14 pairs of Pakistani celebrities that are shockingly the same age:

1. Mahira Khan and Sanam Saeed – 36

2. Sunita Marshall and Fawad Khan – 39

3. Hira Mani and Syra Yusuf – 33

4. Neelum Muneer and Urwa Hocane – 29

5. Aamina Sheikh and Ahsan Khan – 39

6. Sanam Jung and Humaima Malick – 33

7. Reema Khan and Humayun Saeed – 49

8. Yumna Zaidi and Maya Ali – 31

9. Sana Javed and Mawra Hocane – 28

10. Ayeza Khan and Zara Noor Abbas – 30

11. Hina Altaf and Momina Mustehsan – 28

12. Sajal Aly and Kubra Khan – 27

13. Saba Qamar and Mehwish Hayat – 37

14. Noor Zafar Khan and Ahad Raza Mir – 27

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