[IN PICTURES] How political leaders made a statement with their fashion and style in G-B Elections

Gilgit-Baltistan emerged as a hotspot with politicians from the ruling party and the opposition arriving in the area during the election campaign. Many political and religious parties, including the country’s three major parties —PTI, PML-N, and PPP — are contesting the polls.

GB has a rich, appealing, and unique cultural heritage manifested in local traditions, music, and costumes. The use of caps and ceremonial headdresses is a part of the province’s tradition. The most commonly used caps are called ‘Khoi’ (a tuft of feathers or a flower on it) and ‘Iraghi’ (cap with a jewel). Politicians visiting the region for the election campaign made sure that they carried on with those traditional accessories.

Here are photos of politicians who impressed everyone with their fashion sense and style during the campaign.

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