[In PICTURES]: ICC challenges cricket fans worldwide to show a more scenic cricket stadium than Gwadar’s cricket ground

Gwadar cricket stadium is garnering major attention.

Pakistani TV personality Fakhr-e-Alam took to Twitter on Sunday to upload a video of the beautiful Gwadar cricket ground in Balochistan. He described it as the “most beautiful cricket ground” he had ever seen. 

The large and lush green Gwadar cricket ground is built between a long road and the jagged edges of the mountain. 

Watch the following video and pictures to dwell in the scenic beauty of Gwadar cricket stadium here:

Alam urged people to come out and play cricket in the Gwadar cricket ground by captioning the video with:

To all #cricket playing friends everywhere in the world …. come visit us … come play cricket with us here in Gwadar cricket ground … it’s the most beautiful cricket ground I have ever seen …. 

Former Pakistani batsman Faisal Iqbal replied to Alam’s tweet and appreciated the stadium. Promising to promote it to the best of his abilities, he said:

Simply brilliant. I have been watching pictures of this ground and very much looking forward to visiting there soon, as Head Coach Balochistan @1st_xi will do my best to find talent with our @TheRealPCB team from this beautiful city of Gwadar also InshAllah!

Following Faisal Iqbal’s reply to the tweet, Alam took to Twitter to post a few breathtaking pictures of the Gwadar cricket ground.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) also shared the stadium’s pictures on its official Twitter account, challenging cricket fans to show them a more picturesque sports venue than the Gwadar stadium.

This tweet made Indian cricket fans unhappy, who accepted ICCI’s challenge and started sharing pictures of their own stadiums to point out that theirs were better.

Here are a few tweets from the Pakistan vs. India debate on Twitter about having the most beautiful cricket grounds:

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