In Pictures | Imran Khan pays surprise visit to DHQ Sargodha

Prime Minister Imran Khan paid a surprise visit to DHQ Sargodha and DHQ Khoshab to inquire about the health facilities and services.

  • Prime Minister Imran Khan visited District Headquarter hospital Khushab and DHQ Sargodha to inquire about the quality of services.
  • He spent time interacting with the staff, asking about the state of health services.
  • Doctors informed him about the inadequacy of facilities, told there is only one bed to accommodate four patients.
    Prime Minister Imran Khan arrived for a surprise visit of government institutions, hospitals, police stations, schools, shelters and development projects on Saturday.

    This was part of his visits to inquire about the quality of services, witnessing and observing the situation on a regular day without informing prior to it. The purpose of the visit was to subsequently investigate the progress on the ongoing projects and also to speak to the people, knowing about their grievances.

    Imran Khan’s visit to DHQ Quetta was unannounced and he visited without protocol so that his appearance doesn’t cause unease to the people.

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    PM Imran Khan spent 20 minutes at the District Headquarter hospital Khushab. When he visited, about 70 per cent of the staff had already left for the day.

    The prime minister visited the emergency and children’s ward at the hospital, saw the situation for himself and spoke to the patients as well. PM Imran Khan expressed anger when he observed four children were sharing a single bed at the hospital.

    Doctors and patients spoke to the premier and shared the issues they were facing. The visit came a few days after Health Minister Dr Zafar Mirza was seen at PIMS, visiting a dentist. Minister said the purpose of his visit was to experience the services himself and see the loopholes in the system they are working to change.

    In Pictures:

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