In Pictures : Kashmir Conflict, From 1947 to 2020

1947- Partition of Pakistan and India (splitting Kashmir) 

1947– War broke out between Pakistan and India over Kashmir

1949- Ceasefire between Pakistan and India but later on India
1950- UN mediator, Sir Owen Dixon, arrived in the subcontinent but failed to make progress

1951 – Elections in the Indian-administered state of Jammu and Kashmir back accession to India
1953 – The pro-Indian authorities dismiss and arrest Prime Minister Sheikh Abdullah because of his pro referendum stance. A new Jammu and Kashmir government ratifies accession to India.

1962 – China defeats India in a short war for control of Aksai Chin
1965 – A  war between Pakistan and India over Kashmir ends in a ceasefire and a return to the previous positions

1972 – Simla Agreement

1974 – IndiraSheikh accord confirmed the support of Sheikh Abdullah and the Plebiscite Front for Indian sovereignty over Kashmirand ended the demand for a plebiscite in return
1984 – The Indian Army seizes control of the Siachen Glacier, an area not demarcated by the Line of Control

1987- Disputed state elections Shook The Faith Of The Kashmiri People In Indian Democracy

1990 – Indian Army kills about 100 demonstrators at Gawakadal Bridge “the worst massacre in Kashmiri history”

1999 – Pakistan and India went to war over Kashmir in Kargil

2003 – India agrees to a Pakistani offer of a ceasefire in Kashmir

2007- Amnesty International and other human rights organisations report of gross human rights violations from India

2008 – Massive redeployment of Indian soldiers in Kashmir

2013 – Prime ministers of India and Pakistan meet and agree to try reducing the number of violent incidents at their disputed border in Kashmir

2014– During a visit to the disputed border state of Jammu and Kashmir, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi accuses Pakistan of waging a proxy war against India in Kashmir

2016 – Curfew
2019- India revokes Kashmir’s special status under Article 370 of Indian constitution

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