[In Pictures]: Most Powerful Militaries of the World 2022, ranked in order

The Global Firepower Index, an annually-updated statistics-based website tracking defense-related information of 140 nations, has recently released a list ranking military strength in terms of hierarchy. To determine the score of each nation’s military status, the platform uses 50 individual factors, including categories like:

  • Weapon numbers
  • Weapon diversity
  • Natural resources
  • Available industries
  • Manpower
  • Financial stability
  • Logistical capability
  • Geography

It is pertinent to mention that a 0.000 rating is the perfect score for military strength. However, this score is considered unattainable. With that being said, scroll down to take a look at the top 10 most powerful military nations in the world.

Here’s a look at the top-10 most powerful militaries in the world, as per the Global Firepower Index 2022:

#1 Country: United States

Power Index Score: 0.0453

#2 Country: Russia

Power Index Score: 0.0501

#3 Country: China

Power Index Score: 0.0511

#4 Country: India

Power Index Score: 0.0979

#5 Country: Japan

Power Index Score: 0.1195

#6 Country: South Korea

Power Index Score: 0.1261

#7 Country: France

Power Index Score: 0.1283

#8 Country: United Kingdom

Power Index Score: 0.1382

#9 Country: Pakistan

Power Index Score: 0.1572

#10 Country: Brazil

Power Index Score: 0.1695

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