IN PICTURES: The glorious Kartarpur Project near completion

The total covered area for the project is over one million square feet and will be inaugurated by PM on 9th November.

Kartarpur’s project has finally entered its concluding phases. The workers working on it are giving their best effort to make it a wonderful experience, working in the day and night shifts.

Pakistan will be opening the doors of the World’s largest Gurdwara for the Sikh pilgrims. Its area is 780 acres, only the main white central courtyard is 44 acres. In comparison, the Golden Temple is wall to wall 30 acres, Nanka Sahib is 14 acres. The project is being called the ‘engineering miracle of FWO Pakistan’. The technical consultants estimated project time of 3 years, accomplished in 11 months (3 shifts day and night).

The total covered area for the project is over one million square feet and will be inaugurated by PM on 9th November.

Katarpur Project: IN PICTURES

Sikh pilgrims reaching Kartarpur from Canada in a bus:

As the 550th birth anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak comes closer a special bus carrying the Sikh pilgrims is on its way to Pakistan. According to a video that is available on social media and got public attention at large, the final destination of the bus would be India after traveling through UK, France, Germany, Austria, Turkey, and Iran. The bus would make an entry to Pakistan via Iran.

A Sikh family has specially arranged the symbolic bus journey to visit Kartarpur. The visitors who are traveling on the customized luxury bus have reached Paris city. The bus is said to have facilities of kitchen, dining table, washroom, and bedroom facility as well.

45-Day Multiple Pakistani Visa To Be Issued To Sikhs Having Foreign Passports:

Punjab Governor Chaudhary Sarwar announced that the government has made to decision to issue 45 day multiple visas to Sikhs that own passports other than Indian passports.

Sarwar while talking to a delegation, led by Ejaz Alam, Minister for Minorities’ Affairs and Human Rights Punjab, and Sardar Mahindra Pal Singh, Minority MPA, said that as per the promise that was made during the first session of International Sikh Convention, issuing more than one visas for Sikh pilgrims, that had foreign passports other than Indian passports, is going to start.


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  • Credit goes to current Pakistani Government policies to strengthen interfaith harmony despite Modi Government’s ill feelings towards Kashmiri and Indian muslims. May this landmark event of our Sikh brothers and sisters open the way to slide down current Indian government hostilities towards Pakistan and muslim population of the subcontinent.

  • Pakistan government efforts and dedication is appreciable what has been made possible for Sikh community all over their world wasn’t east task.

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