[In PICTURES and VIDEOS] Unseen Moments of Nadia Khan’s Walima Celebrations

Here are the snaps you have never seen before!

After Nikkah, Nadia Khan shares Valima’s pictures.

Nadia Khan, the esteemed local morning show host, recently tied the knot with Faisal Mumtaz in a blessed intimate ceremony. The well-known celebrity then took to Instagram to share pictures of her big day with fans and followers. 

After the nikkah pictures, Nadia Khan has now shared beautiful images of her walima ceremony.

Here are all the pictures and videos from Nadia Khan’s Valima: 

The Bride Nadia Khan

The famous host donned a gorgeous pink dress on her Valima. Nadia Khan did her makeup herself; the celebrity even styled her own hair for the event. 

Nadia Khan with husband Faisal Mumtaz

The Newlywed couple with Family 

The intimate valima ceremony took place at the newlywed couple’s home. A few close friends and family joined Nadia Khan on her big day.

After sharing the pictures, Nadia Khan took to YouTube to upload a video showcasing the valima event’s highlights.

Here is the full video of Nadia Khan’s valima ceremony: 

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