PM Khan approves new incentives for Overseas Pakistanis

Steps will be taken to facilitate and encourage them.

It has been directed to the economic department by PM Imran Khan to provide overseas Pakistanis with incentives in order to accommodate banks for a smooth money transfer as well as to increase foreign remittances.

A meeting was held this Thursday in the economic department presided by Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, where all the steps were discussed that are required to boost the financial activities of the country. Apart from that, new ways to create jobs, incentives on remittances of foreigners, promotion of the housing zone were discussed.

Mr Khan has stated, “Expatriate Pakistanis are an asset of the country, and the government was working on a strategy to provide maximum benefit to them to encourage foreign remittances.”

Besides, it has directed to the FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) to address all the issues our developers and constructors face on a regular basis. As mentioned by PM Imran Khan, a large number of jobs can be created by giving a boost to the housing sector of Pakistan.
Removing the hurdles coming in the way of promoting housing zone is one of the top priorities of the government, he further added.

Syed Shabahat Ali Shah, Executive Director of NITB (National Information Technology Board) briefed over E-payment Gateway’s establishment regarding digital payments.

Anwar Ali Haider, Chairman of Naya Pakistan Housing Authority, notified people in the meeting about the ways housing sector is being promoted and the challenges that it brings along. Apart from that, an update on the use of public land for construction of houses for the lower-income sector was discussed.

Shaukat Tareen, former finance minister, and Syed Zulfikar Bukhari, special assistant for overseas Pakistanis addressed various proposals on the ongoing issue.

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  • It is very unfortunate that our PM portal and housing projrct are not user friendly like US & other countries. I can contact with US president and definitely replies but it very difficult in Pakistan to comunicate with our PM or president. Why we so backward.

    • Give your feedback on Pm portal explain the problem. USA probably hasn’t been doing for 100s Of Years human development, Andy listening to public but in Pakistan it’s something new so give them your feedback back explaining your problems.

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