Incomplete Work On Margalla Avenue Causing Severe Traffic Jams on Kashmir Highway During Protests in Islamabad

Kashmir Highway has been witnessing severe traffic jams during protests in the federal capital due to the delayed work on Margalla Avenue.

Work on margalla avenue was supposed to be finished in June 2013 after it was started in 2012. The lack of interest from the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has delayed the project for over six years.

As per a news report, the project was initiated by CDA without conducting proper surveys. The centuries old graveyard, a shrine and the alignment of the road emerged as the major hurdles in the completion of the project. 49% of work on the project is yet to be completed with a 9 Kilometers of road between G.T Road and D-12 still awaiting it’s completion.

A CDA official disclosed that if the project was completed it could have played an important part in avoiding massive traffic jams on Kashmir highway during protest in Islamabad. Moreover, he said that a 2km of portion of Margalla road north of constitution avenue towards bari Iman was completed. Due to some unfinished work, this project was also abandoned.

CDA officials identified a dispute between the authority and contractor the reason behind the unfinished work on Margalla Avenue. CDA was fined 170 million rupees by a court arbitrator after the contractor filed a case against them. The 170 million rupees fine was challenged by CDA in Islamabad High Court. CDA admits that the work on Margalla Avenue was started in a hurry due to political pressure at that time.

Here’s A Glimpse Of the Latest Traffic Jam on Kashmir Highway During Protests in Islamabad.


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