India Appreciates Pakistan’s Step To Sack Fayaz Chohan For Derogatory Remarks Against Hindus

Former Punjab Information and Culture Minister Fayyaz-ul-Hasan Chohan’s derogatory remarks about Hinduism landed him in grave criticism, finally leading to his dismissal from the position.

CM Punjab’s spokesperson said that Fayaz Chohan had decided to tender his resignation during a meeting with CM Punjab Usman Buzdar. Prime Minister Imran Khan was displeased by his comments and directed Buzdar to take action against him.

Fayaz first came out with an apology, clarifying that he wanted to target Indian Hindus and not Pakistani. He said that he is apologetic ‘if’ his remarks offended someone or hurt their religious sentiments.

“I was addressing the Indian army and Indian media. I am sorry if my statement has hurt the sentiments of Hindus residing in Pakistan.” – Fayaz said in his apology.

Fayaz added that he will always defend them, and he will ‘give a befitting response to anyone who casts an evil eye on my country.’

His recent statement lead to a social media campaign against him that concluded with Imran Khan taking an unprecedented, bold decision of his dismissal. With his decision being appreciated by Pakistanis, particularly minority members, it has also been lauded in India. They said they can learn from Pakistan in this regard and preserve their secular outlook, as they do need to significantly improve on that front.
Indian politician and former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir said that when India likes to compare itself with Pakistan, it might as well do at this front as well.
”In Pakistan, a state minister is sacked for his remarks against Hindus. In India, a state Governor isn’t even reprimanded for his public call to boycott & ostracise all Kashmiri Muslims. We like to compare ourselves to Pakistan so compare this fact as well.” – he said.

Indian people also appreciate the move, saying one has to be a bigot to not endorse it.

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