India: BJP leader encourages the rape of Muslim women

  • A BJP leady openly invokes violence against Muslim women in India.
  • The BJP leaders call for the gang-rape of Muslim women in a Facebook post.
  • Her membership from the party stands canceled after the violent post. 
A BJP leader invokes Hindu-men to rape Muslim women openly in streets – photo courtesy Reuters

Bharatiya Janta Party has again risen to power and authority in neighboring India but this time not in the name of economic development and prosperity. BJP has campaigned for the anti-Pakistan agenda, promotion of Hindu nationalism thereby indirectly favored the persecution of minorities living within the so-called greatest democracy of the world.

There are around 200 million Muslims that live across India and the violations of their rights have been the subject of discussion ever since the partition and even before the partition of sub-continent.

Recently, a leader of Bharatiya Janta Party women wing got removed from her position after the news of her encouraging the Hindu brothers to gang-rape Muslim women openly in the streets according to the reports of Indian media.

“Muslim mothers and sisters should have their honor looted as there is no other way to protect India,” said Sunita Gaur in a Facebook post. The post was later on deleted but has already been widely shared on social media platforms. The screenshots of the said post were also widely shared on Twitter.

BJP Mahila Morcha National President Vijaya Rahatkar responded to a tweet and said: “Be assured, BJP Mahila Morcha will not tolerate any hateful comments whatsoever from any karyokarta. The lady in question has been expelled(from the party) even before you tweeted.”

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However, this is not the first time that a member of BJP has spewed hate online but the encouragement of rape is totally unacceptable and likely to invoke the crime that already haunts Indian women.

What do you foresee the future of minorities during the second term of BJP’s Narendra Modi in India? Please let us know about your opinion in the comment section below

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