‘Smiling and content with her decision’: Girl commits suicide after filming a ‘suicide note video’

In the video, Ayesha can be seen smiling and at peace with her decision.

Young Ayesha killed herself after recording this video.

A shocking video has gone viral on social media recently. According to reports, the video was recorded by an Indian girl named Ayesha.

Ayesha was a resident of Ahmedabad, who recorded an alarming video before taking her own life by drowning. Ayesha’s video and suicide have compelled authorities to banish the practice of dowry in the country.

Why did a 23-year-old girl kill herself?

What was in the video?

According to reports, 23-year-old Ayesha went to a river called Sabarmati River, where she recorded a video message (suicide note) for her husband, family members, and friends.

In the video, Ayesha can be seen smiling and at peace with her decision. The 23-year-old started the suicide note by saying:

Hello, my name is Ayesha Arif Khan, and whatever I’m about to do, I’m doing it of my own free will. Nobody has pressured me into doing this. What else can I say?

She further shared:

My life was supposed to be this long only. It was a peaceful one.

Indian girl’s husband arrested for suicide abetment.

Addressing her father, Ayesha said:

Please drop the domestic violence case against my husband. I love Arif; I would not want to cause him any trouble. If he wants freedom, then he shall be free.

Ayesha further stated:

I am happy that I will get to meet my creator. I will ask God where I lacked. I had amazing parents and really good friends, but I feel like I lacked behind.

The 23-year-old Indian girl concluded the video message with a wide smile on her face and asked the viewers for prayers.

Here is the full video message by Ayesha:

Police involvement in Ayesha’s suicide case

Initially, when the police found Ayesha’s body, they marked the case as an accident. However, after the video message surfaced on the internet, her husband was charged with abetment to suicide.

Reports state that Ayesha’s family claimed that her husband and in-laws were responsible for domestic abuse against her. Speaking about the abuse, Ayesha’s father claimed:

I had given Rs. 1.5 lacs in dowry to Arif Khan on the 26th of January, 2020. But he and his parents were not happy with the amount.

The police unveiled another FIR from last year, which was filed by Ayesha’s parents. This proved that Ayesha’s in-laws used to beat her up over dowry issues.

Police gathered further evidence for Ayesha’s case from Ayesha’s Call Detail Records [CDR]. The records showed that the 23-year-old spoke to her husband for 72 minutes and her parents for 5 minutes before ending her life.

Ayesha’s in-laws willed her into committing suicide?

Outrage sparks on social media

Young Ayesha’s video has outraged netizens. Many social media users are openly voicing their opinions and hoping that authorities immediately take strict action against the culprits.

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  • This bloody shit game,namely dowry be discouraged at once. And if any body found guilty of this act,shall be punished.

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