Young Indian engineers race against time to begin production of $662 low-cost ventilator [VIDEO]

One in six patients with COVID-19 gets seriously ill and needs a ventilator.


A group of young engineers in India is racing against time to develop low-cost ventilators that could save the lives of thousands of people if the COVID-19 pandemic spreads further in the country.

These engineers, from some of India’s top engineering schools, work for a two-year-old start-up which makes water-less robots that clean solar plants.

India only has 48,000 ventilators. No one knows how many of these machines are in working condition. But, it is estimated that all those that are working are being used in ICUs on patients with other diseases.

One in six patients with COVID-19 gets seriously ill and needs a ventilator. Currently, two Indian companies are making the machine. One of the companies, AgVa Healthcare aims to make 20,000 ventilators in a month. India has also ordered 10,000 ventilators from China, but this will still not fulfill the demand.

The invasive ventilator being developed at Nocca Robotics would cost $662. Within five days of beginning work, a group of seven engineers will have three prototypes of the portable machine ready.

The machines are being tested on artificial lungs. By 7th April 2020, they will be available to be tested on patients after approval.

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