India: One-of-a-kind news channel launched that promises to only share “Good News”

The news channel has been named "Good News Today" by its founders to convey the positive image of this media outlet further.

India’s leading news channel launches one of a kind ‘Good News’ channel aiming to spread positivity.

According to media reports, a Hindi-language news channel has recently come into being that only provides viewers with good news. The news channel has been launched by India’s leading TV Channel, India Today.

The news channel has been named “Good News Today” by its founders to convey the positive image of this media outlet further. Speaking about Good News, India Today Group’s Vice Chairperson, Kalli Purie, said:

I am delighted to introduce Good News Today into the lives of our viewers. Coming off a challenging year, the world needs to unite in stories of human triumph. We all need a source of encouragement and the unique ability to see the good. This is a channel with a heart full of optimism and helps you tune into a Good News Wali Smile. Good News Today will showcase stories of hope, human triumph, innovation, and inspiration from different walks of life, parts of India, and the world. We need to spread positivity, good stories, and personalities no matter what the reality is.

Purie also shared the slogan of this positive media outlet, which is “Achi Khabar, Sachi Khabar (good news, authentic news)”. 

The Vice-Chairperson further shared:

There is no way to change the daily news cycle. Still, Good News Today is committed to changing the perspectives around it by infusing refreshing narratives that present a more holistic view of the world – Khabar nahi badalti, Nazar badalte hain (news doesn’t change, but perspective can).

Concluding the statement, Purie said:

As India is in its 75th year of Independence, the India Today Group considers it a duty and privilege to serve its citizens and mirror their spirit, hope, and determination. India Today Group welcomes GNT as a new source of inspiration, especially after a challenging year thrust upon humanity by a virus that has triggered the biggest pandemic in a hundred years.

Why was Good News Today launched by India Today?

Experts believe that India’s leading news channel has taken this initiative to improve the country’s position on the World Press Freedom Index by Reporters Without Borders, which has been falling continually. In 2016, India was at 136th position; however, in 2020, it dropped to 142nd.

About news channel India Today

India Today is a 24-hour English language television channel which is based in Uttar Pradesh (UP). According to details, the media outlet boasts one of the largest viewerships in India. The media outlet claims to bring people unbiased and nonaligned exclusive updates about politics, entertainment, sports, and more.

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