India ranked the most dangerous country in South Asia for foreign tourists

India is the only South Asian country in the top ten.

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A survey ranks India as the most dangerous country for foreign tourists in South Asia. The ranking was revealed by the World Index, an organization working to rank countries on the basis of indicators like art, literature, culture, sports, technology and military affairs.

According to their most recent ranking, India has been declared as the most dangerous country, not only in Asia, but it is also the only South Asian country on the top ten list. While the survey was being conducted, an interview of an Australian woman was taken. She showed her discontent with the atmosphere in India, saying that there is a specific mentality prevailing among Indian masses regarding foreign women.

Along with the constraints and treatment of women, pollution, politics and societal problems also are a major cause of inconvenience for foreign visitors. Narrating her account, another Canadian woman said that she always feels like a stranger in India. She feels uncomfortable by how she is treated, spoken to, how Indian men try to take pictures with her, deceive her and even sexually assault her. (Via: VOA)

Brazil, USA and the UK on the list:

According to the survey, Brazil is the most dangerous country for foreign tourists. The UK and USA stand on 13th and 16th rank respectively. Interestingly, Pakistan is not even among the top 20, which has irked Indians.

Previously, India was ranked as the most dangerous country for women. The factors that influenced the ranking were a high risk of sexual violence and being forced into slave labor. According to the experts, not enough is being from India’s end to tackle the issue. Even after the rape and brutal murder of Delhi woman made women security a national priority, little has been done to practically do something about it.

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