India requests Twitter to suspend for pro-Kashmir tweets

Twitter notifies that it received a request from Indian agencies to block for tweets in Kashmir's favor.


  • The world’s largest ‘democracy’ writes to Twitter to suspend pro-Kashmir accounts. 
  • Twitter notifies that it received a request from Indian agencies to block for tweets in Kashmir’s favor. 
  • Twitter has one of its headquarters in India and using its influence, it has taken down accounts of a number of journalists and ordinary users.

While BJP-led Indian government has already pushed the opposition to the wall and silenced all pro-Kashmir narratives, it is now also silencing voices on social media by using its influence on Twitter. Suspension of pro-Kashmir social media account has however revealed the Indian government’s fascist, oppressive and tyrannical approach.

After attacking a number of Pakistani journalists’ and social media users accounts and getting them suspended, Indian agencies also reached out to Twitter to close’s account for Kashmir related tweets.

However, the account was not closed for probably being a verified account and the Pakistani government took the matter to Twitter. However, the following tweets were reported to Twitter by the Indian agencies.

According to the Twitter notification, following tweets were reported by Indian agencies for ‘violating Indian law’.

Twitter has provided us the tweets which were made the reason for the request. Basically, if you are saying ANYTHING in favor of Kashmir, you are a danger to India!”

”We were lucky to not get banned, that could just be due to being a verified account, having a big following or recently Pakistan Govt asking twitter for transparency. I know 100s of accounts which were banned for pretty much the same reason.” ( on Twitter)




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  • Biggest democracy… My foot.


    These t*-***t-less nation can only cry and can’t handle the question or objection raised.

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