India Selling Its Narrative Internationally And On Social Media – What Are We Doing?

Pakistani Rangers (black uniform) and Indian Border Security Forces perform in the daily retreat ceremony at the Indo-Pakistan Wagah border on July 18, 2009. Pakistan has undergone a dramatic policy shift to recognise Taliban rebels as a major threat, but is more ambivalent on liquidating Islamists trained to fight the ultimate nemesis: India. India and Pakistan have gone to war three times since 1948 — twice over the disputed territory Kashmir. Pakistan lost each time, culminating with the loss of a sixth of its land as East Pakistan became Bangladesh. TOPSHOTS AFP PHOTO/Arif ALI (Photo credit should read Arif Ali/AFP/Getty Images)

Pulwama incident though came as a huge blow and an irreplaceable loss to India, it has not apparently done a lot of damage to Modi. Just before the elections, the deadly attack claiming the lives of more than 40 Indian personnel has given the Modi government the last push they needed to kickstart their election campaign formally.

It all started with blatantly and directly blaming Pakistan, prior to any investigations and then Indian media asking for an open ‘war’ against Pakistan. However, one thing that is comparatively damaging Pakistan’s reputation, even more, is that India’s broadcasting arms are active on both international & social media – actively preaching India’s narrative everywhere.

Since the year 2017, India has worked to establish a strong digital channel and social media wing to tell ‘India’s story’ to challenge the Pakistani narrative and improve the image of the country overall on the foreign media. On the other hand, while India works to propagate its image as the most diverse and vibrant democracy, Pakistan rarely has a strong representation on worldwide media platforms or powerful social media wings to present their narrative.

The Indian media keeps getting aggressive day by day, Navjot Singh Sidhu, who said that an individual’s actions should not be used to malign the entire country, has been sacked from the TV show for his apparent ‘Pro-Pakistan’ comments.

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similar reaction was shown to SP leader Azam Khan after he indicated to the presence of India’s own hand in the attack for political motives. He blatantly said that all their agencies, including the ones that are dealing with secret services, are being made to do political work. He further added that when agencies are snatched off their work and forced to do political work – bad things are certainly going to happen.

But they were immediately silenced, and a counter-narrative was propagated all across media streams, assuring India’s best interest on the global stage, while Pakistan has remained and continues to remain weak in this aspect.

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