India will be using Water as a Strategic Weapon against Pakistan unless we wake up

India’s new Strategic Weapon: The Water Bomb

After the advent of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), the war doctrines changed. The world realized that these weapons are just too destructive for their practical use. As the modern war doctrine further evolved, it suggested the use of Strategic Weapons. These weapons target the basic necessities of life, like food, water, shelter, health and security etc.

Economic sanctions, war through proxies, media propagandas and control over natural resources are all different forms of modern Strategic Weapons.

India, under its drive of conventional rivalry with Pakistan, is now capitalizing fast on the Strategic Weapon of controlling natural resources of Pakistan.

Water is not only the basic necessity for life, but is a vital resource for moving the wheel of our economy. Our agriculture and power production etc. heavily relies on it. What is more dangerous is the fact that by controlling the water supply, they can bring droughts and floods as well.

We may rightly call this new Strategic Weapon of India  as India’s WATER BOMB.

What is Pakistan’s Stance?

Adding insult to the injuries is the fact that Pakistan is not doing anything to counter these moves of India. Neither does Pakistani media seems to be moved bit.

The Indus Water Treaty does not allow India to use more than 20% of the water of  Indus. However, the recent developments paint a very different picture. India is openly and clearly not following the agreement.

It is high time that we should focus on the problem and start taking remedial steps to counter it before it is too late.

Our following report takes a dig at the problem and its associated risks in detail with different aspects.


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