Woman marries and cons three men after going bankrupt due to the COVID-19 lockdown

Upon the arrest, the woman identified herself as Vijaya Amrute and shared her story.

A 27-year-old woman in the Indian state of Maharashtra cheated several men on the pretext of marriage and fled with their valuables. Despite her efforts to continue conning men and staying hidden, the female was arrested on Saturday.

According to Indian media outlets, one of the woman’s victims, Yogesh Shirsath of Sinnar, Nashik, registered a complaint against her. In the complaint, the man alleged that the 27-year-old had fled with his valuables a fortnight after marrying him. After investigating the matter, the police confirmed Shirsath’s story and sought after the fleeing female.

Upon the arrest, the woman identified herself as Vijaya Amrute and shared her story.

Preliminary inquiries by police revealed that Amrute is a married woman with a son and started duping men on the pretext of marriage. She said it was due to a financial crisis after the pandemic-induced lockdown robbed her husband and her of their jobs.

A police officer said:

In the past three months, she allegedly duped three men after marrying them. She fled with valuables within days of marriage.

The police further shared:

Amrute first tied the knot with Shirsath and disappeared with ornaments a fortnight after the marriage. She then married another man, Sandeep Darade, a resident of Raogad’s Karjat. After this, she married a man from western Maharashtra and conned him too.

Explaining how Amrute happens to find these men, the police said:

Amrute is linked to a couple that looks for men searching for a bride. Once the marriage is finalized, the couple would take Rs. 2.5 lakh, which included their fee and wedding expenses.

However, Amrute’s conning journey finally came to an end when one of her victims, Shirsath, started searching for Amrute. During the search, he found out that Amrute had recently married another man and fled with his valuables. Therefore, he registered a complaint, which led to a police probe and, eventually, the woman’s arrest.

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