Indian Army’s Increased Suicide Rate In Kashmir – A Refusal To Continue The War?

The suicide rate in Indian Army has increased to an alarming level, especially in the recent years. In March 2017, Times Of India reported that about 100 soldiers commit suicide on yearly basis. It further revealed the figure was 125 for the year 2016.

Despite Government of India taking serious measures to control stress in army personnel, the rate keeps on increasing at a daunting pace. The reasons are usually believed to be linked to personal issues, land disputes back home and harassment from anti-social elements. The increased number of cases are closely affiliated with prolonged deployment in far-flung areas as well. The level of stress is high due to terror, but also the inability to solve financial and marital issues due to being far away from families further contributes to deteriorating mental health.

Minster Of Defence Subhash Bhamre along with other responsible individuals simply link it to the use of mobile phones, saying that staying in contact with the families keeps the soldiers updated about family issues, which is the primary reason behind the rising stress level.

The recent stats are further horrifying as far as it concerns Kashmir. In 1185 days, about 348 army men have given up to the circumstances ending their own lives.

The suicide cases are more in those who are deployed in counter-insurgency operations in Kashmir. Ineffectual leadership, denial of leave even in urgent cases, lack of basic necessities including quality food and poor salaries are the factors that are further responsible for the higher level of dissatisfaction among Indian Army.

This continuous escalation of suicide rates exposes the savagery of the ongoing war in Kashmir. Along with the locals, the Indian Army personnel have worn out both physically and mentally as well. They have opted out for this channel to escape the circumstances and is their clear refusal to take any more innocent lives or continue the war.

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