Indian brutality unmasked || 37% of pellet gun victims end in blindness

According to the latest study, 37% of the victims of India’s brutal pellet guns end up in severe blindness. The study is the first one to evaluate vision in pellet-injured eyes in IOK (Indian-Occupied Kashmir). The report revealed that 59.3% of the victims of pellet guns suffer from visual impairment of various degrees while a shocking 36.7% ending up with severe blindness.

As Kashmir Media Service reports, the study from GMC (Government Medical College) Srinagar has announced these findings and also lent scientific support to curb the fears of lethality. The metallic shotguns are actively used by Indian troops, paramilitary and police personnel against the protestors in Kashmir.

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The study observed 664 patients as participants out of the 1,066. They were admitted to SMHS Hospital Srinagar between July 2016 and January 2018, with eye injuries suffered due to the pellet guns. Among them, 59.3% of the studied eyes had a visual impairment of varying degree. The data also revealed that 10.8% among them were completed blinded by the pellet shotgun.

In these studied eyes, there was “no perception of light (PL)” – which means that the victims could not perceive bright light shone into their eye. Among the studied group, at least 32.1% have suffered globe injuries. The study titled  “Clinical Profile and Visual Outcome of Pellet Gun related Ocular Trauma”  was conducted by Dr Faisal Qayoom Shah of postgraduate department of ophthalmology at the GMC, under the guidance of Prof Tariq Qureshi.

The subject “was to characterise the clinical profile of such eye injuries, determine the visual outcome and evaluate various factors affecting the visual outcome”.

The youngest victim studied was 5 years old, while the oldest one is 59 years old. Of the studied eyes, 9 were of female victims.


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