Indian groom slaps bride for dancing at their wedding, she slaps back and marries her cousin instead

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India- A bride called off her wedding after the groom allegedly slapped her for dancing at a wedding function.

Sources have revealed that the bride then married her cousin hours later. The bride and the groom decided to marry on the 20th of January. However, problems arose between them a day before their wedding, when the couple and their families came together for a function.

The couple was reportedly dancing together on the dance floor until the bride’s cousin joined them. Things became nasty when the cousin placed his hands on the bride and groom’s shoulders and started dancing with them, which reportedly annoyed the groom. The groom pushed the bride and her cousin away. What happened next was unclear, but the bride’s family insisted that the groom slapped her.

As per a report, the bride’s father was infuriated that the groom had slapped his daughter and asked the groom and his family to leave the hall. The bride’s family also defended her in calling off the wedding.

After that, the bride’s relatives decided to get her married on the same date. They arranged her marriage to her cousin; she agreed to the proposal and married on the same date (the 20th of February).

Meanwhile, the spurned groom has complained to an all-women police station in Panruti. He has been seeking compensation of INR 7 lakh, which he says his family spent on wedding preparations and festivities.

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