Indian group found involved in hacking of important Pakistani Government websites

The advisory also told that the group is stealing sensitive information about Pakistani users.

An Indian group is found to be involved in hacking Pakistan’s government websites.

The advisory issued by the National Telecommunication and Information Security Board (NTISB) has revealed that a group named ‘SideWinder’ is illegally using Pakistani government identities in an attempt to gain access to the mailing systems of numerous departments of the country. The advisory also told that the group is stealing sensitive information about Pakistani users by infiltrating the systems of the Pakistan Air Force, NADRA, and other institutions.

It was further stated that the APT Group is also involved in cyber attacks through the use of fake emails. The group has access to the government’s email systems using its credentials. It uses malware embedded in fake emails for cyber espionage operations. In addition to this, the SideWinder group has been active since 2012. However, it was noticed in 2018 when a number of cybersecurity researchers identified its nefarious operations and modus operandi.

Between the months of May to October 2022, the group has been found involved in a number of cyber-attacks involving NADRA, SNGPI, FIA, and many other important institutions. The group isn’t doing such operations only in Pakistan but also in a number of other countries in South Asia. It also keeps changing its procedures from time to time.

The NTISB has recommended all governmental organizations update operating systems on time and use protective and efficient antiviruses. The advisory has also advised government organizations to use advanced security systems and multi-factor passwords, for mailing and financial accounts. It has further told government officials not to use personal accounts on official websites and forbade them from sharing personal data and credentials with websites, users, and applications that are not authorized. Likewise, government departments have been advised not to visit HTTP websites.

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