Indian celebrity hairstylist requests PM Imran Khan to invite her to Sindh

Sapna Bhavnani made a documentary titled 'Sindhustan'.


  • Indian hairstylist requests PM Imran Khan to invite her to Sindh. 

  • She took to Twitter, making the request. 

  • She has made a documentary on Sindh but has been rejected visa twice. 

Celebrity hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani requests Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan to invite her to Pakistan. Sapna has made a documentary on Sindh titled Sindusthan, that talks about the largest migration of culture in history told through ink tattoos.

Taking to Twitter, Sapna said that it is her dream to visit Pakistan, Sindh in particular, but her visa has been rejected twice. But the professional hairstylist and filmmaker showed hope in Imran Khan, saying she has heard he wants peace so she is shooting up her hopes again.

”Imran Khan Sir I am a documentary filmmaker from India & have made a documentary on Sindh called Sindhustan. I have been rejected twice to get a visa to Sindh but I hear you are different and want peace .. so do we! Please invite me and my film to Sindh .. it is my dream!”, she wrote.

What is ‘Sindhustan’ about?

Having her roots in Sindh, Sapna was fascinated when she heard a group of ‘fakirs’ performing at a Shusheela Raman concert. She was blown away when she came to know they are from Sindh.

She then began her work to put Sindhi culture and Ajrak back on global tattoo scene, setting a precedent for Sindhustan.

Sindhustan is an effort to put two dying art forms — Ajrak from Sindh and Kutch, and Madhubani from India — on the global tattoo scene. [Imagine] someone sitting in the US getting there. That is my goal. Art transcends and can send a message like nothing else. If you don’t take risks with your art, then you aren’t really making art,” says Sapna.

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