Read about Indian man's fight for visa to marry his Pakistani lover

Kamal is in severe distress because he cannot even marry his fiancée in Pakistan.

After waiting for months, a man in Jalandhar, India, has pinned his hopes on the Indian Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi to intervene in the Visa process, so that he can marry his fiancé who lives in Lahore, Pakistan.

The man, Kamal Kalyan, got engaged to the girl in Lahore through a video link in 2018 after they got to know each other during a family event. After this, he struggled hard and made serious efforts for more than six months to get the sponsorship letter.

This letter of sponsorship could have helped issue the Visa for the girl and her family. To make this possible, Kamal has been trying to deliver the letter to his fiancé for the past three months, but to no avail.

Due to the lockdown, Kamal has not been able to deliver the letter of sponsorship to his fiancé. The pandemic has put a hold on courier services, so no delivery service agrees to carry the letter.

Now Kamal is in severe distress because he cannot marry his fiancée in Pakistan. The wedding needs to take place in India to be registered.

After being turned down everywhere, Kamal lost all hope and appealed to the Indian Prime Minister to help him. His appeal requested the Indian premier to help deliver the sponsorship letter to his fiancé and ensure that the Visa is issued to her and her family.

Last year in December, an Indian husband went through similar struggles for more than two years. He was only able to deliver the document to his wife, late Sushma Swaraj from Mansehra, after the Indian Minister of External Affairs intervened directly.

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